Our partners have achieved the following results:


Plaintiffs and Defendants routinely hire the lawyers of Reynolds Frizzell LLP to handle cases in which the financial futures of companies and individuals are at stake. Few firms can say the same. And even fewer firms can prepare such cases for trial as efficiently and cost effectively as we can.

We do not structure our practice for billing clients by the hour; we do not see a case simply as a piece of business; and we do not prepare cases with the hope that one day they will settle. Those are not ingredients for success. Instead, from the minute we are hired, we begin thinking about how we can quickly and efficiently position the case to achieve the best possible result for the client.

By putting our client in a position to win at trial, we better serve the client’s goals– whether or not the case ultimately is presented to a jury. Put simply, we are a team of smart, aggressive lawyers, and we love what we do. We love to win. Our lawyers have the experience and know-how to try cases of any type or complexity, plaintiff or defense.

Because our firm is nimble and our lawyers are quick studies, we intentionally avoid limiting our practice to any specific area. Lawyers that can cross-examine a witness, argue effectively, and explain the most complex disputes to a judge and jury, as our team of lawyers can, are the essential ingredients for success. Let us show you how we do things.